Trainer 19 - Mr BT

2011 ANNOUNCEMENT! (Now 1 August 2014)


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Trainer 19 - Mr BT


Mr BT is a Director / Principal Consultant where his role encompasses delivering Business Excellence training and consultancy services across Singapore. With ten over years of high level business knowledge and experience, Mr. BT brings a wealth of diversified talents to all his clients.

Prior to founding his company, Mr. BT worked for PSB Corporation (the corporatised arm of PSB/SPRING) in a variety of key roles including as one of the most senior trainers and consultants in Business Excellence in Singapore.

During his 10 years of strategy formulation and execution work at PSB Corporation, Mr. BT has assisted organisations across Singapore, to strive for and achieve their strategic destinations using the Business Excellence Frameworks and Standards. At PSB Corporation, Mr. BT's clients ranged from respected local Singapore companies to large multinationals in industries ranging from service sector to manufacturing sector to public sector organisations.

Mr BT’s Specialties:

  • Singapore Quality Award (SQA)
  • Singapore Quality Class (SQC)
  • SQC for PEO (Private Education Organisations)
  • Singapore Innovation Class
  • Singapore Service Class
  • MINDEF Excellence Award (MEA)
  • School Excellence Model (SEM)
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Productivity & Quality
  • Employability Skills System (ESS)
  • Pro Family Business Mark
  • EduTrust